EDTECH 541 – Integrating Technology into the Class Curriculum

Hard to believe, but here I am, starting another semester! This semester, I will be taking my 6th course toward my M.A. in Educational technology – EDTECH 541 “Integrating Technology in the Classroom Curricular”. Looking at the Syllabus, it looks like the course will be quite informative and challenging. Even though it is quite obvious that the courses I have already taken (Intro to Educational Technology, Internet for Educators, Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology, Online Course Design, and Technology Supported Project_based Learning) have greatly advanced me as an educator, I have yet ways to go! I look forward to exploring various technology integration strategies and examining various technology integration techniques, using numerous application tools, instructional software, and the Internet. Finally, I look forward to learning new concepts, expanding my understanding of the field, developing new skills, and producing new projects for my portfolio.

Most importantly, I look forward to learning those techniques and strategies that I will be able to immediately apply to my own teaching and bring my own students’ learning experience to another level.


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