Vision Statement for Integrating Technology

 “Well-integrated use of technology resources by  thoroughly trained teachers makes twenty-first-century learning possible.”                              By Edutopia Staff

Scenario 1: A Typical Day. Checking e-mails and Skype messages take place before the morning cup of coffee. Then, on the way to work – a classroom, filled with wonderful students, eager to learn.  Again and again, it is easy to “lose” them if they have to listen to a lecture or work with a textbook for a certain period of time. Yet, it is easy to “get them back” by turning on that magic screen – something they know and love so much. It is informing, it is engaging, it is NATURAL, and it uses more than one technique to teach at once. Well, then it does not even feel “like teaching”. Once the class is over, I am on my way to the office, briefly checking e-mails and messages on the way. Back to my desk, I immediately have quite a few windows open at the same time in order to get the job done. Finally, I’m back home; There are still quite a few tasks to complete, and here I am using two screens again! I search, I write, I compose, I edit, I plan, and so forth. Finally, the day is over, and I once again regret not having a device to record that final idea I have in mind before I get to sleep.  

Scenario 2: The World Around. It never fails to amaze me seeing people of all walks of life, from VERY young children to elderly, constantly connected to and immersed in their devices. It’s everywhere! At an airport, on a plane, at a park, while waiting, walking, biking, eating, reading, running, flying, driving (sadly), etc., as people are searching for information, learning, and sharing. It is real, it is all around us, it is non-stop, it is never enough, and we are not giving it up, at least voluntarily. This is the way of our world, and we should get the most of it!

Question: If this is the way of the world, WHY NOT TO INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION?  Continue reading